Release is a vital part of the creative process. In the broadest sense, all creation is that energy released at the ignition of the big bang, when your eyes awoke. But, on a macro level. Release is a vital part of our individual creative process. Release is acceptance of the unattainable myth of perfection, release is the inevitable unwinding of your ego from your craft. Time will prise you from your creation. Sooner or later, uninvest you from from that apprehension, uncertainty and doubt. Time will, down the line, make of your work a stranger and make you a stranger to it. Only then will you hear those songs as if they weren’t spun from your mind. Truly, like in beauty, only does the geriatric fully appreciate their youth. How kind was their skin? What was the worry?

Music, any craft, all art, how much has been lost to doubt? How much was never finished in the eyes of the creator? Only to seem so complete in the eyes of the creator looking back. Don’t lose your time to doubt, nor your art to your fear. How many songs have been swept under the rug to be cleaned up another day only to never surface?

EFBP dawned on me in the truest of senses. And, is for that very fact, the finest album. None of these were ‘intended for’ or ‘calculated to’ — not marketing — the whole World is marketing, the whole World is agenda, propaganda; conviction and intention to subvert. A cry for time to be shared, not in your space but mine. Uh, even this, is in a sense. I find only the power to stomach it in knowing I didn’t edit. Didn’t eschew or chorale. Didn’t mediate between the primal energy and the projection.

This then too, is a release.

A release. How did I come to another release? There is a vortex of unsupposition in the space of achieving last year’s feat. ‘3 albums’ gifted me the knowledge that this year could truly be a space. There was no necessity for music. There is no necessity to release. And yet, when out of curiosity, to tidy away some files, I discovered 18 gems that, for the life of me, I have only memories of two. Did I realise, release.